letter for you

This post might be slightly different to me. Yeah…I’ve got post in English before but that is not the difference. When i first create this blog, the reason is not to share my personal here. But sometimes writing can help me to release my pain that i feel deep within. Words are too spontaneous. Maybe i should just go back to the days when i first know you.

Dear you,

What are we? Who are we? Where are we? Why we always tend to have complication? This is not what we want to but this is what happened. I’m sick of discussing things which is the same. Sooner or later, we’ll get tired. Please…understand me. You know how i feel. You know what i want, what we want.

You would not comprehend. Even i surprise myself.

Dear you,

Please be my rainbow. I don’t want you to be raindrops from the sky. You’re not just a friend to me. You’re more than that. How am i supposed to tell you that you’re more than anything i could describe? You’re my poison. You’re my cure. Sometimes what i expected from you is not what you did. But i know that men are always like that. They will not notice until you tell them the truth. How i wish you touch my with your care, caress me with your love and hug me with your understanding.

I need to be cured. Would you be my prince?

Dear you,

Love does not ask why. It speaks from the heart and it never explain. Love does not think twice. It comes all at once.

Do you remember the first time we met?

Do you remember the first time we look into each other’s eyes?

Do you remember what our first word is?

Do you know what the first feeling we have towards each other?

Dear you,

How i wish i could turn back time. How i wish you can read my mind. Whatever reasons to live that i have my place is always beside you.

I don’t want to lose you now.


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