apa itu?



Seni itu suatu anugerah dari Ilahi. Dicampakkan kepada manusia untuk dinikmati dan dipelajari. Apa itu seni? Tentu saja seni itu suatu yang terlalu subjektif. Seni mungkin adalah suatu perasaan terdalam dalam diri manusia. Terkadang seni itu dikatakan sangat tinggi nilainya sehingga tidak terbeli dek wang ringgit.

Seni itu wujud dalam diri setiap insan. Kata Cikgu Hadi. “Walau pun satu titik yang kamu lakarkan di kanvas, itulah seni. Ambil pensel dan buat 1 titik. Ya..itu seni murid-murid!” Di manakah Cikgu Hadi kini? (sape tau tlg roger..)



Here, I would like to share part of my interests. I only knew William Shakespeare by the age of 16. Obviously, not really into literature that time. I learnt to understand what literature is. And by that time, I fall in love with Sonnet 18 (one of William Shakespeare’s sonnet). It’s beautiful, indeed!

At that very moment, I take out a piece of rough paper and a pencil. Jot down whatever I have in mind. Hahaha..my words are plain. I wish I could write poems or maybe a simple sonnet. But nothing came out. Maybe it’s just not the right time yet. Now, I have quite a few of my own collections of short poems.



I wonder where the idea of sonnet come from. A sonnet consists of fourteen-line lyrics poem. Sonnets originated in Italy and were introduce in England during the Tudor period by Sir Thomas Wyatt. One of my favourite sonnet is Sonnet 140 called Be wise as thou art cruel, do not press.

Sonnet 18 is the first sonnet I knew which it is one of my syllabus in literature component. The way William’s put every words in sentence captured my heart. It is beautifully structured and lovely to read. He made me fall towards something that known as art.



At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.